nenalata replied to your photo “i’ve got another six hours of drawing cylinders before i’m done with…”

Omg, you look so pretty! Is that dress from Modcloth? :o

thank you!!! and yeah, it’s the iced tea dress in strawberry! it runs a little long for me but otherwise i love it

i like these too much to comment on the file names below them ughhh




changes my icon 2 a photo of her. …perfect… .she will never find out

shouldn’t it be an eggplant garden

gurple. . ….

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i just thought this was a nice little slice-of-life manga oh my god what was i thinking

punpun is straight up the hardest manga to explain ever

if you do a wire base, a thin layer of paper mache, and maybe some like paperclay or smtn similar it shouldn’t b too heavy, but ud prob need to have some shoulder straps or smtn to help it keep from toppling
mostly bc of the height than the weight tho

u could prob do mesh base + foam + fabric. less likely to break if it falls and also a lil more breathable. still would b hot but not AS hot maybe??

i’ve never worked w/ mesh but it looks like there’s a million tutorials on how to use it for fursuits?? so i’m guessing it works along the same lines. def less complicated than a dog head. it’s a round enough shape that fabric’d drape well and yeah i could just like, cut out a hole in the back so i don’t suffocate

the height’s my biggest concern too but if i just strapped it under my arms and didn’t have to bend over at all i guess it’d be alright

is this the same sister that wouldn’t let you buy better crocker stuff bc of homestuck

that was homestack sister - this is avenging sister. avenging sister likes sherloaks and supernaturals and teenage wolves and is just as mysterious 2 me

you have to update the museum and then a week later blathers will offer the coffee shop

omg i feel hella silly now…i’ve had that museum upgrade option for weeks and have just been too preoccupied w/ building benches and fire hydrants to remember…

what the fuck alexis HOW i do everything at 400%

THAT’s WHAT I DID but then one day i was like….what if i just made everything .…four times as big

TOO CHEAP HOW DARE YOU, I get paid Friday get ready

"draw me on a pancake"

u last time i asked what 2 draw

Considering that Booker didn’t see “his daughter” after how many years…they wouldn’t be so close (I think so anyway, idk). I have played both games; I prefer Bioshock over LOS…even though I’m a huge Naughty Dog fan.

but I mean Ellie was never Joel’s flesh and blood in TLOS, and they still came to rely on each other to the point where Joel was like to hell with the world because you’re what’s most important to me, and Ellie was willing to put aside her doubt because he was all she had, too. in Infinite, Elizabeth is this charming character, but the writers basically spent half the game setting her up as a love interest, not your daughter. she’s 22 and been locked in a tower for her entire life, but her daydreams of Paris and her dancing in the streets reads more like a scene from Beauty and the Beast than a character you’re supposed to have paternal feelings for, so when they finally got around to the “”“”BIG REVEAL”“”” it had less of an emotional impact and more of a just. reaction from me. while TLOS was based on Joel and Ellie’s relationship, Infinite is all about Elizabeth’s journey in discovering her powers and gaining her freedom. she’s this beautiful, powerful, otherworldly being with access to infinite universes, and booker doesn’t matter at all. he might release her from her tower, but Elizabeth is the one w/ the real agency in the story. their relationship is almost nonexistent. i love the Bioshock series, but the writing in the last game just falls flat in comparison to TLOS imo

I recognize that house and i don’t know how to feel about it.

just jealous i’m gonna date a unicorn

sparrowshy replied to your post: draw tmm
don’t u dare draw tmm

hmmmmmmmmmmmmmm mmmmmmmmmmmm mmmmmmmmmmno

remember when u made fun of me for naruto

unfollow no jutsu

was cloud atlas the one w white dudes in sfx make up to look asian

that explains so much of what i’m looking at right now