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i just thought this was a nice little slice-of-life manga oh my god what was i thinking

punpun is straight up the hardest manga to explain ever

I recognize that house and i don’t know how to feel about it.

just jealous i’m gonna date a unicorn

remember when u made fun of me for naruto

unfollow no jutsu

was cloud atlas the one w white dudes in sfx make up to look asian

that explains so much of what i’m looking at right now

I wanna be your animal crossing neighbor…-the silent follower-

yo dog gimme ur friend code!!! i’m 1693 1299 3639

get the hell out of here keile

ztacey replied to your post: YOUR FUCKING DOG

dog’s name is ‘ushi’ but mom put ‘ushi-chan’ on the adoption form and it’s a point of contention so dark and horrible that anyone who actually calls her that is dead to me

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ur not allowed in my house in that shirt

wow um rude maybe i got this for you?? as a gift?? i see how it is though, wow. …

omg things changed

starts tacking on “ ★ ☆follow this blog for more ❤ alexis  on your dash " to every post i reblog

sparrowshy replied to your posttell me more about your ocs i want to know everything about them and i mean /everything/

tattoos the face of every oc i have ever seen on my body

1000 different ninjas kissing sauske

What brush??

the sixth one?? i think. i used to swear by this brush and it’s pretty good for smooth coloring if you use the eye-dropper tool as you go



dontdierickon replied to your post: huh who leaked adventure time episode w h a t

I’m not complaining or anything - but I don’t think Adventure Time is in any need of ratings if you’re implying that it could be axed or something like that??

it’s not enough that adventure time not be axed; i need adventure time to go on forever. everyone call up 500 friends each to watch the episode let’s make this the next superbowl

crushes computer screen with the close contact of my lips on your ocs

thanks a lot keile now they are rUINED 4 ORIGINAL CHARACTER MARRIAGE