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are u excited for the new nardo tonight tashi

the big 20-page long sasusaku kiss scene 

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tashi nO

1.) this was the first fanfic i ever read

2.) i was really into johnny depp when i was 9

3.) at work the other day i told one of the other employees “thank you” after he helped me w/ something and he was like “i love you, too” and we literally just stared at each other for 5 seconds and he was like hahaha…i thought you said i love you and i was like ahahahahahaa…no. . ….and we just stood there squinting, laughing at each other really awkwardly it was really really weird

4.) i psyched myself up for 20 minutes to wear a tie-front midriff shirt to my work meeting this morning

5.) i looked smokin’ hot

6.) no one noticed

7.) after the meeting i was making myself a strawberry-banana smoothie and customers started coming in and i didn’t want them to see me out of uniform so i

8.) hid under the blenders until they left

9.) all the employees at the local subway and chinese place know me by name and food

10.) i need to find somewhere else to eat

"#tashi's like one of the best artists i know" why lie 2 ur followers

every1 follow tashi or i’ll just. ..beat u up??? probably

#dick wolf

u want me 2 start reading YOUR tags back to u, tashi?

looks at sakura’s boobs……….itachi will touch those soon……….

we’re not friends anymore

i'm so mad at u rn how dare u not like rise of the guardians i'm never gonna send ur late christmas/v-day/easter present now

omg i didn’t DISLIKE IT it was CUTE i guess it just did not speak to me on like, a deep spiritual guardian level

is there beastiality in this movie

um RUDE she did kiss the guy while he was in his wolf form which was a little weird but i t was romANTIC OKAY starts crying again



SUNDAY TRUTHS: i only stuck thru naruto cos i shipped sakura so hard with a bunch of members in akatsuki sob

600+ eps for ur grody akatsuki ships that is TRUE DEDICATION

i'll hit the birdie 2 u (i'm rly good at badminton except against teachers somehow they're rly pro)

don’t worry the only thing i teach is. .. the school of GETTING schooled wait no this is a really good joke just give me a minute