Happy birthday! :3

thank you!!! (`・ω・´)”

You like Modcloth too? *w*

omg don’t even get me started on modcloth aka the love of my life aka all I’m going to be spending my first paycheck on the moment I get the money in my grubby little paws

Thanks to your bigbang posts, I'm going to have a listen to them. >.>

just watch their vids there is NO WAY you will not be immediately hooked

*hugs* I think you're awesome. :3

bahhhh I’m not awesome you’re awesome, motherfucker 。◕‿◕。

Happy birthday! ^^ *gives an Oliver Swanick plushie*

Ahhhh in a perfect world, if only! I would abuse the heck out of that fucker, oh man and also this sentence is coming out way weirder than I intended you know what nevermind THANK YOU! :D