Your mint cosplay looks really good did you make your choker???? It's the best I've ever seen

thank you, and I did!! everything i sew looks terrifying inside out and it took me three days to figure out how to do the trim but i’m still super pleased for never having used a sewing machine before!!

Ok but would you ship ryou with keiichiro

it always seemed like keiichiro and ryou were each other’s only real close friends - both of them spent like 90% of their time working in the basement or hanging out with pre-teen girls. owning a cafe together. the dads of the group. domestic as hell wtf. i’m into it

you disgusting nerd


i miss talking to you


I married early, at 19. My husband has cheated about 3 times now and it hasn't even been a full year since the wedding. Should I leave him?

i never condone cheating. my mom’s ex-husband cheated on her just last year, and the divorce was tough with the house and the kids, but she’s always made it clear to me and my sisters that we shouldn’t be with someone who doesn’t respect us. of course it’s still a hard decision to make, and i had to get a job and help with money for a year, but now she lives in a two-bedroom apartment with my youngest sister and is very happy. i can’t tell you how to live your life, but you deserve to be with someone who will treat you well and make you happy

VERY IMPORTANT: i was really into pai/lettuce as a kid and since i'm sorta rediscovering mew mew and will probably doodle some, is it okay if i call it gurple because that is tHE BEST SHIP NAME plz and thank u

honestly, i would be offended if u DIDN’T call it gurple….also omg yeah draw the gurps….

u look like michelle williams ;)

photo of me n my dog taken today

your art is always so inspirational whenever i see it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

thank you!! be inspired and go out and draw all the fanart i can’t……

man u and ur bf are so cute!!

sometimes he’s kind of cute but i’m just Pretty Obnoxious

I'm sorry, I am a little drunk, but you look like you could be Aubrey Plaza's sister. Well, I'm not just saying that because alcohol, I always think that. I apologize.

EVERY TIME someone compares me to aubrey plaza i’m just like yeah….i WISH…

"#tags NOT keile" woah wtf don't put words in spanky's mouth

Hey. Do you know that one kpop song where they list art/paintings? I think Da Vinci and Van Gogh are listed in it? I want to listen to it but can't remember what it's called or who it's by.

uhhhh i can only really think of beenzino’s dali, van, picasso, but he doesn’t really list off paintings?

An eyebrow suggestion if you'd like! ignore if you don't. I suggest lightening or feathering the makeup out on your brow as you get closer to the bridge of your nose, so it's not all one color. Darker on the ends, lighter toward the nose.

since my arm’s broken I haven’t really got on my left-handed makeup game yet, but thanks!

Who did YOU ship Ichigo with? Kish?

when i was younger, yeah - what i didn’t realize was ryou was 15 and already had a red mid-life crisis convertible and some kind of off-road motorcycle, though. he was a BILLIONAIRE who chose a teen girl cafe as his money-laundering mew project cover-up. he had a college degree and the black vest he wore everyday had arm straps??? for no discernable reason??? also he could turn into a fucking cat. everyone thought ryou was SO COOL but he was a rich eccentric weirdo and actually the best choice

cant believe u didnt even tag that rainy wolves i dont even know u anymore who R U

omG i don’t even know what dry wolves ARE