Did you ever read Tokyo Mew Mew A La Mode and what did you think of it??

I did! like everyone else, I agree Berry was a really cute character, but by shipping Ichigo overseas and giving us a new protagonist we had only two volumes to get to know her along with a new cast of characters. a la mode’s villains were out of place in the TMM universe, the two red data animals’ DNA was gimmicky, and most of all, no one got what they wanted from a TMM sequel - more of the original mews and aliens!!!!!!!!!

hoLY crap i nearly fell out of my chair when I saw u had reblogged my art and then foLLOwed this dumb blog of mine!!1 i want to cry ur art is like 100% perf and pretty and ur 100% perf and pretty and im just on cloud nine today

are you kidding?? i LOVE your art and get so pumped whenever you post tmm!! so glad i started following you! please draw tmm…….forever…….

i work at a dairy queen and today i saw a doggie that looked just like yours!! i wanted to give him a dog treat but he didnt have any teeth so i gave him a tiny dish of ice cream and he was so happy. it was so cute!!!!!!!

!!!!! that was the only thing i really liked about working at dairy queen…..holding up drive-thru so i could pet a dog

The dog is so cute and undignified looking, I am jealous of you.

she’s not afraid of lettin it all hang out……and by it i mean her tongue

your boyf looks like that viner landon moss or w/e

holy shit?????? wtf

your art is so friggin inspirational, the way ur art has improved so much in a few years and gone from great to SUPER AMAZING, and how your style has evolved is sO? ? AWESOME ?? ? i love you and ur art god bless

THANK YOU!!!!! i feel like in the last year especially i’ve learned a lot about art and it feels good!!!! feels good man

your bf is really handsome and you are super pretty as well! you look really cute together. sorry for being creepy.

nah it’s okay…..i know we cute…..just don’t tell him i said that……

uh hi wow i'm really sorry i just reblogged a bunch of your art and also i've been creeping through your blog but i just wanted to say hi and that you seem really cool

okay this is going to sound nutty but………did you have a deviantart back in the tmm days?

Man, I stopped watching Naruto pretty early on, so I have not much on my dash related to it. I'm pretty sure your the one person I follow who talks about it. So reading your posts I feel like I'm watching a civil war that I have no stake in

I’m almost jealous…..you’re safely on the sidelines and I’m in the eye of the storm…..in the…….sharingan…..of the storm

What.... Did the spoilers say? Kakashi's face would be revealed? I haven't read since 681 :( and idk i was shocked when his sharigan was ripped out, so.. Just on what basis would it be possible for him to show his face?

#naruto spoilers his face wasn’t revealed, but???? i wouldn’t be too worried about the sharingan now

i hate to be that person, but where did you get that floral shirt with the gold on the collar? i meant to ask this when you posted a pic of you wearing it, but i totally forgot about it until i saw you on my dash earlier. ty so much lovely.

i got it at forever 21! unfortunately it was about two years ago, and they are notorious for cycling through stock quickly, BUT if you happen to be a size large:


Re: AMVs, "Vessels" by Gorz is really good! You should give it a watch.

!!!!! I really need to watch knk, wow

I love the fact that you and ur bff have no shame in being huge naruto nerds.

it’s probably for the best that we only see each other once or twice a year for the sake of everyone else’s secondhand embarrassment

are u ready for keitashi 2014 next week

do you have any good wig sellers who do commissions you would recommend?

i don’t have a lot of experience with wigs (i usually just buy off arda then flounder w/ styling myself) but a solid place to start looking is cosplay.com’s wig section! there’s a pretty good range of stylists there so you should be able to find someone who fits your needs