No Sakura is pretty useless. Because she's a girl character in a shonen fighting manga. And 9/10 times they suck compared to the majority of male characters. It's a really shitty feature of the genre.

Unfortunately I think it’s easy to confuse a shitty character with shitty writing, and that doesn’t make Sakura useless - yeah, you could say it’s a result of the shonen genre that she doesn’t get any screentime, but that doesn’t mean she’s not an important character.

Disregarding her status as one of, if not the most proficient healer in Konoha, and that Shizune herself has said that Sakura’s surpassed her, and that Sakura took down an S-rank member of the akatsuki - In this arc alone she’s both cut open Naruto to restart his heart and used the chakra from her Strength of a Hundred seal to help Obito in rescuing Sasuke from the other dimension. She saved both their lives. Without Sakura the two big shonen protagonists would be straight-up dead. I wouldn’t exactly say that’s useless

hello there! i just wanted to pop by and say i absolutely adore your art!! and it made me so happy to see you post tokyo mew mew fanart (pretty hard to find it on tumblr) !!!! ps your cosplay is magnificent

thank you!!! i will keep drawing tmm fanart long past a respectable age……*looks at my birth certificate* fuck…….shit. . ….

cross your fingers for sasuke with a rat tail

sasuke w/ the most 80’s of mullets. glitter in his hair

gurple is a very weird shipname and the ship is perf

gurple is life……..gurple is luv

I was just wondering if you got my last ask - Are you going to be at Comiccon??? I love your mint and Ino cosplay (Sparrowshy's Sakura cosplay is rad as hell too!) I'd love to meet you guys! C:

no, I’m sorry!!!! Next year MAYBE….in my dreams….have twice as much fun in my honor, though!!! three times as fun for keile!!!!

Wth my crush on kisame gets bigger everyday due to people like you

as far as akatsuki crushes go, he’s pretty good. and by pretty good i mean pretty ripped


YEAH OMG!!! the one who bought the hidan commission hahaha…you were so cool in person and sakura and i LOVE your art i wish we could’ve got more!! next con…..

oh my god its you

it’s true……………………

hello i love you and your art! this is a weird question. but i really like how all of your drawings have different eye styles yet you can still tell you drew them all. how do i make an eye style. like. my eyes never seem to fit the faces i draw. wht do

thank you!! i’m not that great at drawing mouths so i feel like a lot of my drawings’ expressions come from the eyes. my secret is…………when i draw eyes i don’t worry about consistent style so much as the character’s personality! it sounds super obvious but you can tell a lot about a character by their eyes!

how narrow the eye is, pupil size, eyelashes - they’re all some things that are easy to change but make a big difference! obviously eyes don’t have to dictate character, but larger pupils tend to imply youth, more eyelashes makeup, round eyes innocence etc. eyebrows are also really cool!! the size/length/shape/even angle will drastically affect a character’s appearance!!

like i said, don’t focus so much on style - style will come naturally the more you practice. instead just try to draw expressive characters, and if you have an artist who does eyes in a way you really like try imitating what they do!

Your dog is so funny I'm gonna laugh myself into a coma the expressions it makes

my dog is a VERY serious dog how dare u…..

omg i dont watch naruto but ur cosplay is super cute holy!!???!?

thank you!! sakura and ino are the most important characters in naruto…..all u need to know

hi!! its the female kakuzu you met at AX. i found you through pics! i hope you dont mind a follow (^∇^)

of course not!!! it was so nice to meet you and you were absolutely perfect!!!!

Do you think it would be possible to get my hands on a large print of the "creature riding a bicycle" drawing? ♡ I'm not sure how else to go about asking so I'm sorry if this is not the right way to do this sort of thing...


i'm crying your ino and sakura cosplay are so beautiful,, ,,,,, i look forward to the thousands of photos you surely have in store totally yeah

can’t wait to take a picture with literally every nar character we see

dude. brah where did u get that wig though i want it

we got em both from arda wigs! there’s like 800 bobby pins in the blonde wig keile lost a whole nail sticking them in my head