I have a question about gurple! I recently retread Tokyo mew mew and was surprised at the immense lack of gurple in it I thought I remembered more gurple.. I never finished the anime but is that where you got your gurple fuel? Pls tell me about your feelings on gurple (if you want to)

holy cow!!!!!! I got this question months ago and never answered it!!!!! yeah, episode 41 and 51 are hella gurp……human sympathizing with the plight of her alien enemy…..looking for a peaceful alternative to fighting…….alien literally SACRIFICING HIS LIFE to save her the gurp is so real

whispers someone was talking about a fallout dating sim on my dash today and i was wondering if this was a thing or not

severely underestimated how many of these messages i had

Have you tried the other flavors of diet coke? Like lime or raspberry or any of those?

why ruin something that’s already literally perfect……………vanilla and cherry are alright

you should make a gurple dating sim

my entire life is one big gurple dating sim

what happened to the fallout dating sim? (sorry if you get this question a lot idk)

did you guys think i was kidding

Hello yes how is the fallout dating sim coming along [joking but 2 years ago I WAS SO EXCITED FOR THAT THING......]

gets bummed out the farther i get in my inbox

did you ever finish that fallout dating sim :?

what if i published every single one of these at once

Hey! Did you ever release that fallout dating sim?

i feel bad, bcuz ppl are just genuinely curious when they send this ask but

Omg I've had a similar issue last year. I felt like I was stepping glass when ever I brought up anything relative to women's rights. Unfortunately that person just didn't want to hear anything I had to say regarding such. Hopefully she's more open minded and willing to listen!

ugh, that sucks :( like I said, she’s super decent (shares her food, paid for my bus fare one time………) I just don’t think anyone’s ever tried to talk to her about it. it’s mostly just awkward because she expects me to agree with her on things and i’m just like yeah………nah………

got your race/class in inquisition planned? any of the companions you got your eye on?

i’ve been playing human playthroughs up until now and it finally dawned on me how boring that is??? i’m gonna be a dwarf and romance a qunari bcuz even a five-foot height difference can’t keep us apart

how many times a day do you think about gurple

like way more than i actually should??? like i probably will never admit to another human being how much. carry it to my grave and fill my sarcophagus with gurple fanart

which do you like better: pandas or polar bears

pandas………..because they’re vegetarians and i’m not threatened by them

Are you a virgin 😏😏😏


are you excited for inquisition??

no……….just kidding YEAH………….now i just need the like, 200+ hours to play it

what brush did you use in that last pic?

kyle t webster’s ‘your new favorite inker’ from his megapack! i just downloaded the set but i’m already a big fan