2013 vs 2014…….what does it mean


Wesley Lowery recalling a scene in his mind when the police were yelling at photographers to back up because they didn’t want photographers documenting anything. This literally made me cry people in Ferguson are terrified for their lives. Scared of the people who are suppose to protect them.

"It’s funny you mention Silent Hill, because we just started playing it!" WRINGS HIS NECK

waiting 4 the boyfriend to get home from his friend’s bcuz i can’t play scary games by myself and I’ve been waiting all week to play FNAF and Silent Hills

does anybody know if drake is still alive


it here

lettuce pray

lettuce pray

hoLY crap i nearly fell out of my chair when I saw u had reblogged my art and then foLLOwed this dumb blog of mine!!1 i want to cry ur art is like 100% perf and pretty and ur 100% perf and pretty and im just on cloud nine today

are you kidding?? i LOVE your art and get so pumped whenever you post tmm!! so glad i started following you! please draw tmm…….forever…….



Getty images photographer Scott Olson shot this image prior to his arrest in Ferguson



two sides of the same coin

matching gurple outfits………..*high-fives myself*

smh if this ISN’T what you headcanon kisshu wearing on earth????